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Hugo Chavez Fails in Honduras- In a landslide victory Profirio Lobo, the National Party Candidate, will become the next president of Honduras. (read more)

Hugo Chavez and the Cowardly World- A chain of events have started that could convert the wonderful country of Honduras into a place similar to the Gaza Strip. (read more)

Crisis in Honduras- Articles and editorials from The Utila East Wind which chronicle the events that preceded the removal of former Honduran President Manuel Zelaya.  (read more)

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Chavez states “The Strike has started”. Honduras “Surrounded” October 29th 2009





Utila open for business


The sun is shining on Utila. The Evil Sheriff  has loosened his grip from around the necks of islanders and has permitted all 31 businesses that were closed for not keeping proper accounts, to reopen.

Utila was turned into a ghost town last week as the newly legitimized government of Honduras decided it was time for Utila to start paying. 

Honduras went through a dark period after the coup. Yes, The Coup. This paper often argued that the actions of the Supreme Court, The Congress, and the Military did not amounted to a coup. But is seems pointless now. 

Since the coup, many in Honduras have considered the government illegitimate and have claimed protection under Article 3 of the Constitution which states;

ARTICLE 3.-Nobody has an obligation to obey a government that has taken power through armed force, that acts by such a government are [legally] null, and that people have the right to insurrection in order to defend constitutional government.

So what has changed? We still have the same president, the same mayor, the same news commentators. What has changed that makes Honduras legitimate now when just weeks ago we were not?

The turning point was the signing of the Cartagena Accord. Though this agreement, Manuel Zelaya was allowed to return to Honduras. The Lobo Government had been insisting that he could return any time but Zelaya waited until all charges, political and civil be dropped and  the legalization of the Popular Resistance political party (the FNRP) into National Politics.

At this point the OAS (Organization of American States) voted and recognized the Honduran Government as a Member State once again. With all members, apart from Ecuador voting in favor, the current Honduran Government was recognized and no longer considered illegitimate.

Great! the political crisis is over. The world can now turn its eyes on Africa, the Middle East and Asia for acts of brutality and corruption. Case closed.

Not quite for Honduras, creditors now are demanding that the Government start paying for all the funding it had supplied to Honduras to help them through "Tough Times" and who better to pay than the small businesses on a small Caribbean Island that has suffered ever since the coup. 

President Zelaya, who was accused of taking 2.2 million dollars from the Central Bank of Honduras has been forgiven for his crimes, political and Civil. The military, who admitted that a Coup did occur, also were fully excused from any prosecution. But now the people, the people who have suffered unemployment and a collapsing economy are being raided by the government to pay for the damage.

Its a little reminiscent of Walt Disney's Robin Hood.